Breast cancer

There will always be times in our lives when we need to update our style and give ourselves a boost, no more so than with such a huge life experience as cancer treatment. I understand how low and exhausted you feel during and after treatment. I believe it is very important for your well-being to make an effort. Somehow a little bit of blusher, lip gloss, and some well-chosen clothes can lift your spirits instantly.

Please call me anytime to discuss your requirements. I will be completely flexible to your needs. Below are a few ideas and options of how I can make your mood brighter.

At home “Feel Good” session

  • Wardrobe clearout showing you how to get the most from your existing clothes.
  • Colour analysis. Colour is so healing and mood enhancing. It’s an essential part of our feel good session.
  • Hat and scarf advice.
  • Make-up lesson.
  • Learn what clothes and accessories you may need to buy on your next shopping trip to enhance what you already have.

“Back to Life” shopping trip

  • New underwear fitting, especially bras. After surgery our new shape need support as much as we do.
  • Advice on suitable colours, styles and accessories. I’ll show you how to achieve the perfect look for your lifestyle.
  • Hair, make-up and beauty advice.
  • You will have a new, fabulous, co-ordinated wardrobe.

Shop and drop

  • If you’re feeling too tired, let me do the running around for you. I will bring you a selection of clothes, accessories and make-up for a particular occasion or for every day.

Here’s my story. In February 2006, while visiting friends abroad to celebrate my daughters first birthday, I felt a lump above my left breast. Within ten days I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My world changed, the worries and concerns mounted up… Would I lose a breast?
 Would I be around to see my daughter grow up?
 I don’t own any headscarves!

With a fully booked work diary and Dolly Parton tickets booked for April, I started to panic. I hate letting people down and really didn’t feel like explaining my situation. I just wanted to scream “WHY ME”?

One in four women will get breast cancer. As long as it is detected early the survival rates are extremely high. The downside is the essential use of very aggressive treatments. During chemotherapy and radiotherapy I felt sick, extremely tired, very irritable and I put on weight. This was a time when all I could do was surrender. My diary became full of hospital appointments and I could never predict if I was going to have a good day until I woke up in the morning.

Looking back, I found it hard to give myself a pat on the back for remaining positive. It was easier for me to surrender during all the treatments although picking myself up and getting life back to normal after my treatment had finished was much more challenging than I’d imagined.

I suggest not only a new wardrobe, but also a holiday, because you deserve it!

I donate 10% of all my income to a breast cancer charity.

I want to help other women with cancer to look good and feel great. Please contact or call me anytime.

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