Would you like to learn how to make the most from accessories? Do you have a jewellery box or drawer full of unused pieces bought over the years? Have you bought too many cheap pieces and worn them only once?

Accessories are such important wardrobe pieces. They can transform any outfit. Accessorise well and you will look and feel complete. Here are some of my tips:

  • Too much jewellery can ruin an outfit and none at all will make you look as if you couldn’t be bothered.
  • Belts finish off outfits. The right belt will enhance your figure as well as your outfit.
  • Handbags are my favourite! A good handbag that works well for you and your needs, and also looks great is always much loved. Just don’t hold on to it too long, as it will look tired and worn out.
  • Scarves are another favourite of mine. The right scarf will liven up and enhance any outfit, and can change a daytime look to evening.
  • Watches should be considered an accessory. You wear them everyday and look at them countless times. Yet they are so often over-looked.
  • If you wear prescription glasses they should suit the shape of your face and complement your wardrobe.
  • Sunglasses! I once read an article that stated, even if you can’t be bothered to dress or just need to go out for milk after a late night, pop on a fabulous pair of sunglasses (and not on your head, wear them,) they will make it look as if you know what you are doing. I couldn’t agree more!

I can show you how to accessorise so your outfits are complete.

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