My top tips

  • When you try something on, if you love it straight away, it’s a winner. If you have to think about it, leave it.
  • If you tend to wear a lot of black, next time you are shopping for new shoes or boots, instead of opting for the safe black, try on a bolder colour. You’ll be amazed how good it looks.
  • Don’t shorten trousers too much. Trousers should be worn just above ground level, unless, of course, they are cropped.
  • Don’t be intimidated by shop assistants. Usually if you smile and ask, they will be very helpful. Hmmm I can’t guarantee it, but go on, give it a go.
  • Always have a great pair of jeans. They will be your saviour so many times.
  • Next time you’re buying a new handbag, which I believe should never be far away, buy a gorgeous colour and you’ll never look back to black.
  • Bras, bras, bras. Always put your boobs in good fitting bras. Your clothes will hang and look better.
  • Never dress for anyone else. Always wear what you feel comfortable in. Take pride in yourself and your efforts will always be noticed.
  • Try wearing no black. Remember colours work well together if they are of the same tones.

Life is for living, loving and laughing so don’t spend too much time looking in the mirror. Get out and enjoy yourself!

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