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“Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed our shopping trip on Friday. I bought more clothes that I loved in four hours than I’ve bought in the last four years! I learned a huge amount and felt so happy about everything that I bought and now feel far more confident about shopping for myself. I spent the weekend singing your praises to my university friends in Oxford, so don’t be surprised if you get a few calls in the next few weeks. I’m sure I will be in touch sometime next year for a repeat experience.”


“I so enjoyed my shopping with you and thank you so much for all the advice, it was really helpful. I have worn my jacket a lot already and am going to take my trousers down at the weekend so that I have them ready for all this hot weather we are about to have! Now all I need is the wonderful man to sweep me off my feet! Take care and thanks again.”


“Hello there! Thank you for such an uplifting experience yesterday, in more ways than one! I really enjoyed the whole thing and am normally not such a girly girl so it was even more special. I have to say that I bought everything! It was quite enlightening and I’m so glad you’ve emailed your tips as I’m bound to have forgotten. I’ve emailed them to my friend so she can keep an eye on me tomorrow to make sure I don’t buy anything inappropriate!”


“Thanks for yesterday. I really enjoyed it. You took all the hard work out of it for me and made it easy for someone like me to cope with such a daunting thing as shopping for clothes. When I think of the time and stress saved it was definitely money well spent.”


“Our day out on Friday was brilliant. It surely was a unique and special experience to benefit from your insight and expertise in the shops. I am sure if I had walked into Selfridges on my own I would have walked out empty-handed and out of ideas! Just so you know, Sarah and I went back in and bought the Levi’s jean jacket, the brown cord trousers and the shoes. I had to go into the office today suited and booted, but I will be rolling out the new duds as the week progresses.”


“Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, it was just great, you really know your stuff! I came home with all my goodies and felt very satisfied that I had got everything I was looking for and more to the point, everything I needed, for a fashionable winter wardrobe. We went to Richmond for brunch this morning in my new denim skirt, knee high tan boots and Karen M. striped cardigan with orange bag and micro brown tights. Felt very groovy. Thanks again.”


“Hope you are well. Just wanted to say that my dress for the party definitely got the WOW reaction, everything worked so well! (Especially the glitter eyes!) I have attached some pictures for you! Thanks again!”


“I had a lovely time on Saturday, thank you. Thanks for the top tips – very useful, I should print them out and keep them on my mirror as a constant reminder!”


“I just wanted to thank you so much for making my hen weekend fabulous. We all got some great tips from you, you helped us out tremendously. I’m even swaying towards the green and yellow colours you showed me! Thanks again.”

Kelly and girls

“Thank you for your letter, it was so kind of you to give me such encouraging remarks, and also the shopping tips, they will certainly be in my mind when I next go shopping for clothes. I really enjoyed meeting you, and felt I had known you for ages, you were such an easy person to get on with, and would very much like to keep in touch. Regarding the clothes, my husband liked everything I bought. The day finished off with the carols and high tea at the Dorchester Hotel, absolutely fabulous, it was such a great gift my son and daughter-in-law bought me, and the memory of the day will remain with me for a long time. Thanks again for a great day.”


“Just a few words to let you know that I sooooo much enjoyed yesterday’s wardrobe analysis and even more your company! I told Richard all about it and he could see the sparkle in my eyes… this was one of the best birthday presents received ever! Amazing how you can achieve so much – I sort of felt like ‘newborn” when you left (and a bit sad too because you are such a great personality…) and I keep on reading over and over again the tips you gave me. I am going to London next Thursday to buy these Missoni scarves, a necklace and a few other things we’ve discussed.”


“Thanks so much for a great day. I took your advice to New York with me and had a fantastic shopping spree on loads of tops, jeans and skirts and a fab pair of wedge shoes. I went mad for yellow – something I have never gone for before but now love. It was great to think about clothes in a different way and I found I was rarely going to my good old safe colour of black (I bought just one black top instead of the usual number). I ended up buying accessories and a great neck scarf, as you recommended. Thanks again for a great day and for all your advice.”


“Before I went out with you I found shopping frustrating and felt that nothing in the shops was right for me. You opened my eyes to different shapes, colours, styles and you put clothes together in a totally different way but it still feels like me. I feel funky, fashionable and always wear everything I buy with you. And you find me jeans I like! I think you actually save me money and you certainly save me so much time!”


“Thank you so much for your email and thank you again for the VERY SUCCESSFUL shopping day with you. I am so excited by my outfit. Also, thank you for being so open with me and speaking so freely, not only do I love the shopping that we do but I also thoroughly enjoy our days out.”


“I wore the Massimo Dutti shirt and blazer and Zara trousers for my interview, I forgot the necklace with my nerves but wore it to work on Friday. I’m waiting for feedback but I think it went really well and I felt confident in my outfit. I went to meet my parents afterwards and my dad was so impressed with how smart I looked that he took a photo of me. I truly love all my new clothes and can’t thank you enough. I can go to my wardrobe to mix and match pieces and I feel so excited to choose what to wear in the mornings now. You always impress me on our shopping trips and I can’t wait to go shopping with you again.”


“Shopping with Hayley is always a fun experience, and a quick and easy way to make sure you have something in your wardrobe to wear for every occasion. She has a great eye for colour and quality and is always introducing me to new labels and shops.”


“I love my new clothes and the shop has definitely inspired me to get back in shape after the difficult last couple of months. Hattie loved shopping with you and I already have to book a date as I have a wedding to attend next year! We all love you loads and never underestimate the difference you make in our lives.”


“Thanks Hayley that was a really productive and enjoyable morning, beyond what I had hoped for and long overdue! Really looking forward to wearing it all.”


“Thank you for such an amazing day with Mum today. She was so thrilled and it’s about much more than just new clothes. Thank you so much, you are brilliant!”


“Thank you for an amazing shopping day. The jade Hobbs mac has hardly been off my back and I have had lovely comments about the colour and how much it suits me. Why did I always insist on wearing black?! If I am not wearing the mac I have worn the leather jacket and you were right, brown goes with so many other colours. I wore one of the tops and the jeans to my sister in law’s birthday meal and had many flattering remarks and best of all from my hubby who just said wow. What more can a woman ask for?”


“Thank you so much for our session. Thank you for making me feel more confident and reassured about my post-baby body. Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone when it came to colours, styles and price tags. Thank you for getting me out of baggy tops. So many thank yous, I really did have a fantastic day.”


“Thank you so much for a wonderful informative day. I thoroughly enjoyed the shopping, trying on all the different clothes, moving outside my comfort zone of blue/“office” wear/little tops/conservative styles, as well as meeting you. I thank you for your patience, enthusiasm, complete lack of “hard sell” and listening to me – even if at times you may not have agreed with me! It was the best day I have had for a long time.”


“I wanted to say a very big thank you for the shopping trip yesterday. I am so excited to mix and match the different clothes we bought. I feel like I can finally start having fun with my wardrobe.”


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